Should You Get Car Insurance in 2022?

Car insurance can be confusing, especially since the way in which it works has changed significantly in the last few years. With car insurance 2022 rapidly approaching, it's time to consider whether you should renew your policy through 2022, or whether switching to a different provider might be a better option for you. Our guide will help you figure out whether you should get car insurance in 2022 and, if so, what type of policy and with which company will work best for your needs and budget.

The case against owning a car 
In the future, you might not need to own a car. With self-driving cars and ride-sharing services, it's easier than ever to give up the cost and responsibility of car ownership. But if you do want to buy a car, we have good news for you: Insurance will be cheaper! By 2020, autonomous vehicles are projected to reduce accidents by as much as 94%. That means that by 2040, there will be 11% fewer fatalities and 10% fewer injuries per mile driven compared with today’s vehicles. Fewer crashes mean less liability exposure for car insurers, which is great news for us.

How to Buy a Car with Bad Credit 
If you have bad credit, the car-buying process can be difficult and frustrating. But it's not impossible! On the contrary, if you know what to expect and how to prepare for it, you will be well-equipped to get a car loan with bad credit. Here are a few steps you can take to make your dream of owning a vehicle with bad credit come true.

How to Find Low-Cost Full-Coverage Auto Insurance
If you live in a city that requires car insurance, such as New York City, Philadelphia, or Los Angeles, then you must purchase an auto insurance policy. This is the law. If you are not required to have car insurance because of where you live and the type of vehicle you drive (e.g., antique car), then it is up to your personal preference. Buying car insurance can be expensive, so if you don't want to buy full coverage car insurance just yet, consider getting a low-cost liability-only policy. 
How much will full-coverage auto insurance cost in 2022? The answer will depend on many factors, including the make and model of your vehicle; which state you reside in; how old you are; and whether or not you have any violations on your driving record.

How to Become an Uber Driver 
Becoming an Uber driver is surprisingly easy. If you're at least 21 years old and have a driver's license, you can sign up to be an Uber partner. All that it requires is filling out a few forms, waiting for approval, and setting your hours.

Finding alternative ways around town without your own vehicle 
One of the best ways to do so is to use public transportation. If you live near a city, it's a great way to save money and be environmentally friendly. It's also a great way to get some exercise! To get around outside of the bus or subway, walk or bike. Renting a bike can be easy and affordable with services like Citi Bike in New York City or Biketown in Portland.

What happens if you get pulled over without auto insurance? 
If you get pulled over without car insurance, you could face some hefty fines. In California, for example, the minimum fine for driving without insurance is $145. There are also hefty surcharges that range from $150 to $205 that will be added on top of your base fine amount.

Will I be eligible for forgiveness under the Student Loan Program? 
It's not currently possible to tell whether you will be eligible for forgiveness under the student loan program. The only way to find out is by requesting an Income-Based Repayment (IBR) application, and this will only happen if you have taken out loans after July 1, 2018.

What happens if my license gets suspended for not having auto insurance? 
If your license is suspended for not having auto insurance, you will need to get a valid driver's license before you can legally drive again. Depending on the reason for your suspension, you may also have to pay a reinstatement fee and take defensive driving courses in order to regain your license.

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