When traveling alone, there is a higher risk of accidents and illness.


This page describes what to do if you're an independent traveler who becomes unwell or has an accident while on vacation in another country.

What you should know

If you're an autonomous traveler, this page will explain how to manage illness and accidents while overseas.

If you plan your vacation on your own, reserving flights, lodging, and services separately, you're an independent traveler.

You will be covered by additional regulations if you booked a package holiday. This means that your vacation provider should assist you in resolving any issues that arise as a result of accidents or illness.

Volunteering or adventure travel

If you're planning a trip to another country that includes adventurous activities or volunteer work, be sure you're aware of the hazards.

What needs for your journey coverage cowl?

As an impartial traveler, you couldn't depend upon a vacation rep that will help you when you have a scientific emergency so it’s especially essential to have scientific coverage. Without coverage, scientific emergencies overseas can fee hundreds of pounds. The maximum complete journey coverage regulations will provide at least £2 million for the scientific cowl. This cowl generally consists of the fee of an air ambulance to get you home, need this is important. When you’re shopping for journey coverage, ensure that it consists of this sort of scientific cowl.

Should you've got got a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)?
If you are a UK resident and feature a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), you could nevertheless use it to get healthcare in EU international locations till it expires.

If you do not have an EHIC or it has expired, you could practice for a UK Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC) at the NHS website. You can use a GHIC to get healthcare in EU international locations at a discounted fee or from time to time for unfastened. If you’re traveling to Norway you could use your UK passport to get medically important healthcare there.

If you’re touring out of doors the EU you'll be entitled to decreased fees or unfastened healthcare if the USA has a healthcare-associated with the UK. You can test the policies for exclusive international locations at the NHS picks website.

Who needs your touch in an emergency?

If you've got journey coverage you need to touch your coverage organization when you have a scientific emergency. Your coverage needs to have given you a global-wide variety that you could use to get in contact together along with your insurers. Your name will typically be treated with the aid of using a help organization this is appointed with the aid of using the insurer to set up the important scientific remedy.
You also can touch your nearby British Consul for help. A consular group of workers can provide sensible advice, help, and help with such things as locating a nearby medical doctor.

Will you need to pay for your scientific remedy?

If you've got journey coverage
If you've got journey coverage you may generally be anticipated to pay for minor claims.

For example, you’ll likely be anticipated to pay an invoice of £50 charged with the aid of using a nearby medical doctor for a session and tablets and declare the cash returned while you get home. Make positive you hold receipts for any cash you spend. If you're hospitalized, the insurer’s help organization will typically address scientific payments as they arrive.

If you've got got an EHIC

When you operate an EHIC, you could pay in your remedy after which declare a few or all the cash returned. You can test what the policies are in exclusive international locations at the NHS picks website. If you need to pay for remedy and are entitled to the cash returned you need to try to make a declaration even as you’re nevertheless overseas. Make positive you hold all of your receipts and paperwork. If you could get reimbursement even overseas you could get a declaration shape from the Department of Work and Pensions with the aid of using phoning 0191 2181999.

What needs to you do in case you suppose your infection or twist of fate became a result of your motel or accommodation?

If you watched your infection or twist of fate become a result of your motel or accommodation, you would possibly want to consider creating a private harm declaration. However, as an impartial traveler, it may be very complex and high-priced to make private harm declare. You are not going so that you can make your declaration in a British court. Instead, you may likely make a declaration withinside the USA in which you had your twist of fate or have become ill. If you're considering creating a declaration for a twist of fate you had on an excursion you need to get felony advice.

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