What is the forte of inner remedy and what are its functions?



Internal medicine or internal medicine

Internal therapy, or internal therapy, is a scientific singularity. Internal medicine is called a medical doctor, and an internist is an expert who applies internist, medical method, typography, typography, and typography to prognosis, treatment, and care.

Internal subspecialties

The current treatment is divided into several signs, the following instructions can be found:

.Allergy and Immunology: This department is involved in the care of Phase I patient care, educating the population, adjunct to research studies, stress reaction, along with pore and rash, pruritus, asthma, and hypersensitivity

.Allergy and Clinical Immunology: This department is involved with presenting excellent take care of patients, education for residents, and assisting investigations studies into numerous immune disorders, inclusive of rashes, itching, asthma, and meals allergy.

.Endocrine diseases and diabetes, this branch is concerned with presenting appropriate health deal with people tormented by endocrine and metabolic disorders, which incorporates osteoporosis, pituitary gland disorders, adrenal glands, thyroid gland, podiatry, reproductive problems, obesity, diabetes, and its complications.

.Heart disease: heart disease this department is worried about studies in acute or continual cardiovascular disorders, similarly to affected person care, and coaching to specialized students.

.Liver, studies, and their history. It is also involved in the treatment and prevention of kidney and vegetative diseases, the control of kidney disease, and the revolutionary end, on the same hobby as dialysis, peritoneal dialysis, and kidney transplantation. And save you from the formation of kidney stones.

.General Medicine: General Schedule: General Schedule: Fitness tickets, orders, and physical sports.

.Geriatrics and Palliative Medicine: This department is involved in providing optimum care, along with education and studies, to promote the first level of life, independence of age, and the critically ill.

.Infectious diseases: This department is concerned with the treatment of all types of infectious diseases, as well as studies on the causes and treatment of these infections. The other department is in diagnostic microbiology, epidemiology in medical institutions, and molecular environmental for viral and bacterial infections.

.Rheumatology: This section is concerned with examining, predicting, and treating musculoskeletal and rheumatic diseases, as well as conducting simple and scientific studies of this study, as well as studies of rheumatoid joints, lupus, and scleroderma. and oaths and oaths

Internal therapy and special kinship circle treatment

.This is the end result of growing programs for internal understanding and therapy, however, as internal therapy is becoming specialized in adults. What do I swear? Documents and allow them to deal with all the scientific problems that you may have previously encountered in the circle of extreme relatives. The doctor takes care of internal medicine, and the pediatrician appears after the children

Take care of babies and children at the same time

Internal treatment documents

The Department of Internal Medicine includes the following: [2]


.Typists who Crowe Talathm in the care of Talathm. A student spends seven or more years in therapy, along with at least 3 years of gaining knowledge about how to rescue and diagnose diseases that have an impact on acquisition. and processed.

Internal Medicine

.They are documents capable of dealing with all diseases affecting adults, as they can be considered by professionals as well as diagnose, treat chronic diseases, enhance physical fitness, and prevent diverse ailments, without being restricted by one type of scientific hassle or human framework systems. Physicians are primarily taught to treat complex illnesses, and the way to deal with chronic illnesses and extreme cases.

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