Making a claim on your vehicle insurance if your car or its contents are stolen


If your vehicle is stolen or something’s taken out of your vehicle you can need to make a declaration in your motor coverage. This web page tells you what you want to recognize earlier than you're making a declaration and what to do if there is a postponed settling of your declaration.

Top tips

You can be capable of lessening the value of your coverage in case you match your car with an immobilizer or an alarm. Or you go away it parked in a garage.

Make a declaration in case your vehicle is stolen

If your vehicle is stolen, even for a quick time, inform the police and your insurer at once and test to peer in case your coverage covers the value of an alternative car. If you’re paying your top rate through installments you can preserve paying till your coverage is due for renewal.

Your insurer can also additionally wait to peer if the car is observed. If they settle you're declaring and the car is then observed they'll preserve the car. If your vehicle isn't always observed your insurer ought to pay you its marketplace value, that is what you may have bought it for.

If you are now no longer happy with how an awful lot the insurer gives you, try and show the automobile changed into really well worth extra, through the use of vehicle charge publications or fees in nearby papers.

A coverage pay-out can also additionally cease your coverage however this relies upon the coverage. If you paid the whole quantity upfront, you in all likelihood may not get the relaxation of your top rate refunded.

Make a declaration in case your possessions are stolen

If your possessions are stolen out of your vehicle you'll be capable of picking out among claiming on your house contents coverage or your car coverage. You cannot declare on both.

It can be feasible to assert on your house contents coverage if claiming in your car coverage might have an effect on your no claims bonus. 

In a no-claims bonus method, the value of your subsequent coverage may be less expensive in case you do not make a declaration for the duration of the existence of the coverage. You can build up no-claims bonuses over numerous years and it is feasible to decrease the value of your coverage by as much as 70 according to cent.

Delays in settling claims

Claims can take a long term to settle however Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) guidelines say that your insurer needs to both make an inexpensive provide of agreement within 3 months.

There may be delays in settling the declaration if neither facet admits legal responsibility or if the declaration isn't always completely quantified. This method that there isn't always sufficient written proof to guide the declaration. You or the opposite motive force can also additionally consequently be requested to ship in extra proof. This can also additionally suggest that the declaration takes longer than 3 months to settle.

Once legal responsibility has been admitted and sufficient proof has been produced for the declaration to be quantified, your insurer ought to settle the declaration within 3 months.

If it seems there are unreasonably lengthy delays in settling the declaration without excellent reason, you ought to whinge for your insurer regarding the use of their inner court cases process.

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