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Iridology is technological know-how that could diagnose many sicknesses thru the iris of the eye, together with genetic sicknesses and human infections, via way of means of the arrival of a small spot or a sign up the iris from which the health practitioner is aware of the sort and area of the disease, and this technological know-how manner diagnosing sicknesses and now no longer Strawberry treatment In addition to its scrumptious and scrumptious flavor, it advantages the coronary heart, as it's miles wealthy in soluble nutritional fiber, and those fibers lessen the extent of LDL cholesterol withinside the blood and growth the performance of blood circulation. Eating fiber in a quantity ranging between 25 and 35 grams according to day reduces the chance of infection. Obesity, coronary heart disease, cancer, diabetes, diarrhea, and one plate of dry cooked kidney beans gives the frame 90 percent of its everyday want of folate. 

Peppermint oil is powerful towards spasms and cramps, and therefore facilitates to cast off intestinal issues and facilitates loosen up its muscle groups Excess salt Causes osteoporosis Each 1/2 of a kilogram of halibut incorporates two times the frame's every day want of diet D. Both onions and garlic assist in treating a couple of sicknesses, due to the fact they incorporate sulfide compounds (sulfur) Which works to banish the chance of blood clots and cancers. Tea incorporates flavonoids, which combat cancers of the lung, colon, digestive system, and breast. 

Eating about 25 grams of almonds gives the frame with approximately 12% of the proteins wished for its fitness every day.


Approximately 35 % of Vitamin E Calcium in the quantity of 25 grams Drinking a cup or greater of tea an afternoon reduces the chance of coronary heart assaults Drinking natural tea is a useless manner to cast off weight problems A aggregate of ginger, lemon juice,  cloves of garlic and a spoonful of natural olive oil is the first-rate aggregate To smooth the liver, one carrot of medium length incorporates 4 instances the every day human want of diet A.

 Other ingredients that incorporate big quantities of this diet consist of pumpkin, yam (that is a form of candy potato), cabbage, spinach, and yellow watermelon. Half a plate of crimson bell pepper incorporates greater than two times the every day want of diet C. Eating to 5 bananas Bananas an afternoon can lessen excessive blood strain to the everyday variety in only one week and without the use of medication to lessen it The lupine has treasured dietary advantages, together with wealthy in fiber and minerals that make a contribution to resisting constipation thru bowel motion It incorporates a massive quantity of protein as much as 30% From its weight, the bitterness, that is characterized via way of means of the flavor of lupine, facilitates in that it constitutes a powerful medicinal drug to cast off worms withinside the intestines, in particular, if it's miles eaten with honey.

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