Children's speech repetition

Repeated speech in kids (Echolalia) might or might not be traditional, still apprehend the details:

What is meant by repetition of speech in children? Repetition of speech in kids implies that the kid imitates adults and repeats a couple of words, synonyms, or sentences once hearing them. The repetition of speech in kids is of

types: the following:

1. Immediate echolalia

It is continuance words as before long as they hear it from somebody within the ocean, as in asking a toddler does one desire a few cookies? He answers you with a similar question rather than an affirmative.

2. Delayed echolalia

The child brings back some words or sentences from his memory, like the continuance of a sentence from a picture that he has seen before, albeit he does not look at it currently.

Is the repetition of speech in kids is normal?

The repetition of talking in kids at the start of his speech is extremely natural because it is the sole thanks to communicating with the encircling community and this can be in his initial years till the age of 3, as we tend to mentioned earlier, however, once the kid reaches the age of 3 years and continues to repeat the words oftentimes and his inability to create The special sentence so as to speak with the community is taken into account abnormal and wishes to be reviewed by doctors and speech therapists.

Repetition of speech in late kids is additionally traditional if it's straightforward, however, if the kid is consistently quoting and continuance picture sentences while not his ability to create sentences by himself, here it's thought-about abnormal and wishes a doctor’s steering.

 Repetition of speech in kids in step with their age The repetition of speech in kids happens in variable proportions in step with their ages, as follows:

1. One-year-olds

The child repeats a couple of words at this age to convey his info, and most of his words area unit continuance the words of his oldsters.

2. Two-year-olds

The repetition of speaking remains in kids at the start of the second year, however, the kid begins to create a touch special sentence, of course.

3. Three-year-olds

Beginning within the third year the kid is anticipated to be able to kind complete sentences on his own and to complete the repetition of speech in children of this age or to be used sparingly But generally, the repetition of speech on top of the age of 3 is also related to a number of subsequent pathological conditions: Autism disorder. Developmental disabilities. Communication disorders. Repeated speech in kids related to the syndrome

A child with syndrome repeats words for many reasons, as well as the following:

1. Self-stimulation

A child with the syndrome is repetitive to calm and reinforce himself in major sensory encounters.

2. Advance Preparation

The child uses the vocabulary of the opposite person, once it's troublesome for him to be specific in his own vocabulary, once words and sentences area unit troublesome or in a very state of tension.

3. Self-talk Children usually use the words and phrases of their oldsters once they reproval themselves Treatment of repetition of speech in kids

The treatment of repetition of speech for kids, particularly unfit patients, isn't as simple of course, as doctors might resort to the subsequent to treat the child:

1. seek advice from a healer

Speech therapists perceive why the child's speech is re-pronounced, answer the kid in a very manner that suits him, and teach him the way to pronounce properly.

2. Use of medicines

Some cases need the employment of antidepressants.

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