Automobile accident compensation


Compensation for automobile accidents

The principle is that whoever commits the accident is the handiest who bears the damages on account of it and may pay compensation, and withinside the event he contracts with an insurance enterprise to undergo this damage, there is now no longer something wrong with that, and he's taking the compensation and his right without a doubt from the insurance enterprise no matter the truth that it's far on a monthly basis, and the insurance enterprise wants to You are obligated to pay the rights in full.[1]

Types of insurance contracts

Insurance contracts are divided into three sections, which are:[2] Social insurance; This shape insurance includes in direction of disability, health insurance, unemployment, and pension insurance, and this insurance is hooked up thru the united states of America and government institutions with the motive of securing personnel and personnel, as an amount is deducted from the worker’s sales during his artwork and the united states of America afford an amount to it, and withinside the event of an employee’s damage or termination His company is given a monthly sales, and compensation is paid to the injured in addition to the fee of treatment, and this insurance is permissible thru agreement of scholars.

 cooperative insurance; It is a fixed of human beings agreeing that each of them pays a contribution withinside the event that certainly one of them is harmed, so that he is compensated for the damage that he incurred, and there is no prohibition in this shape of insurance for entering into a donation settlement, and it's far a be counted number variety of cooperation in goodness, so each person will pay an amount of money He willingly, and most of this shape of insurance is some of the owners of the identical craft, alongside engineers, doctors, and personnel. enterprise insurance; It includes insurance in the direction of accidents, life insurance, shipping insurance, hearthplace insurance, and insurance in the direction of home theft and burglary. This shape of insurance is different thru scholars. The rule of enterprise insurance Contemporary jurists differed in

three  Commercial insurance rule

Some said that it's far permissible based totally mostly on analogy with Islamic contracts alongside speculation and royalties, and some trusted custom, sent interests and necessity permitting prohibitions, and they considered this insurance as a trade-off among non-usurious alternatives.

 It is forbidden, and the insurance settlement includes most of the time on usury. If the amount that he will pay is equal to the rate that he gets, then it's far considered usury on credit score rating, and if the prices he will pay are plenty much less than the benefit he gets, then the settlement includes usury on credit score rating and usury on credit score rating, and people contracts stoop the king In danger, it comes beneath neath the heading of gambling and gambling, in which one birthday celebration wins and the opportunity loses.

 Car Accidents Judiciary Building

"What can't be avoided, there can't be guaranteed," the rule goes when it comes to blood coins in car accidents.” This is indicative of car accidents that stand up without human negligence; You want to reveal that he does now not need a assure or penance is obligatory for car accidents.  until it consists of a correct view in al-Bayda about it; [1] Judging knowledge.

 The vehicle twist of destiny could be judged withinside the case of the passenger if such is the case

In the event of a twist of destiny at the identical time as the car is in motion, it's going to depend on the twist of destiny. that the twist of destiny becomes the cease end result of a violation; If he travels at excessive speed or plays with the brakes or the steerage wheel and so on, the using pressure want to do the following: The expiation for killing the wrongdoer.  It is released for the neck, and well-known shows it difficult to locate consecutive lobes. Guarantee of what is destroyed in a twist of destiny from the twist of destiny. The blood coins are obligatory for the sane driver, it is deferred for three years. The will to stress is kind of a car wheel exploding, etc. This movie may be due to his interpretation of 

the car. Hint or adjust it.

three Special provisions for motor vehicle accidents for non-passengers

If the damage is from a car twist of destiny other than the occupants of the car itself; There are times for that: [3] Either the damage is because of the injured himself, and then using pressure has no preference in what happened, as even though the injured man or woman all at once throws himself withinside the front of the using pressure and he is now no longer capable of avoiding him, and in this example, there can be no assure on the  Either the damage becomes the cease end result of the using pressure’s mistake, collectively with stepping on the injured on the identical time as he becomes walking withinside the front of him, or going backward and hitting him, and so on.


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